Mattresses for the different styles

Although your choice of firmness or level of comfort will come down to personal preference, chiropractors suggest choosing a mattress with a firmness that agrees with your sleeping habits. A famous NYC chiropractor, Dr. Steven Shoshany, advises customers to be aware of the firmness they are choosing: “Make sure you have a solid mattress that holds the spine aligned and that the spinal curvatures are supported.”

If you sleep in one of the following positions, read the instructions carefully so that you can make just the right choice of a full memory foam mattress.

Sleeping on the side

For side sleepers, a mild to medium-firm sleep surface is optimal. To allow your hips and shoulders to sink in, the mattress should have sufficient supply, while at the same time supporting your flank for proper spinal alignment. This is recommended because when you sleep on the side, the pressure points of your body have to be in alignment for your spine to stay straight. The main pressure points include your shoulders, hips, and head. If these three points sink in too much within the mattress, the alignment of your spine will go wrong and you might wake up with a backache in the morning. This is why a firm or medium-firm mattress is perfect for you if you are a side sleeper.

Sleeping on the stomach

A mattress that is medium to medium-firm pairs well for stomach sleepers. It avoids unnecessary sink age in your stomach, buttocks, and thighs and keeps your hips aligned with your shoulders. Also, it provides enough to accommodate your abdominal and lumbar curve to ease your sore back and hips. A medium or medium-firm mattress would be the perfect fit here in this case because when you sleep on your stomach, your pressure points act a little different as compared to when you sleep on your side. The abdominal section is softer which means the support for this area needs to be highly sensitive. Furthermore, the lumbar curve and its curvature would only receive the right support form a medium-firm mattress which is why this is a crucial point to remember. 

Sleeping on the back

The best fit for back sleepers is a hard chiropractic mattress with outstanding contours. Consider purchasing a sleep surface that is medium-firm to firm. It’ll have excellent relief for the lumbar curve and reduce risks of back and hip pain. Chiropractors recommend visiting a mattress shop and checking out various degrees of firmness to find the right one for you if you change your sleep positions very often and are unsure about the proper firmness.

Now that you have all the information, your decision has become a lot easier!