How to Identify Real & Fake Black Friday 2020 Deals

Black Friday is regarded as the biggest cut-price festival for shoppers both online and in-store. But, as the complexity of products have grown, so has the smarts on retailers. While there are some truly swashbuckling offers on brilliant products, there are however deals that you have to avoid on Black Friday.

While people are usually amazed by the slashed price on the tag, we have to remember that that tag, the marker used on it, and the person who put it out are the “retailer.” So how do you identify a real and a fake deal on Black Friday 2020?

We take a look at 4 simple tips to identify if  Black Friday bed sales is real or fake.

Cross Checking Product prices Across Multiple Online Stores & In-store Ads

If you are planning to buy something with significant investment like a gaming console, home appliance or furniture, it’s always recommended to check the price of a particular product across multiple sources.

The simplest trick is to search for the product price on Google search, and in-store classifieds. Once you have several comparable prices, you can easily decipher if the Black Friday offer is real or faked. Many retailers also tend to offer variable prices and exclusive offers when customers shop in store.

Beware of Tricky Marketing

In most fake Black Friday discounts a clever bit of marketing is involved to make customers believe that it is in fact a genuine offer. The idea is to be very cautious of marketing jargon like:

  • Was $150, Now Only For $70
  • Limited Time Only for $299

The ideal way to confirm if the deal is genuine is by confirming prices with friends, checking historical prices of the product over the year, and running a quick search on Google before buying the product for reviews.

Read the Fine Print

Many Black Friday deals are intentionally governed by vague rules printed somewhere around the offer. For instance, “Up to 50% OFF” usually has an “*” asterisk next to it to explain that the discount applies to selected products. Small prints can make offers look attractive even though they are not.

Read Reviews Before Purchasing Through Deals

This step is an essential especially for those cashing in on Black Friday offers online. Reading through descriptive reviews before purchasing allows you to understand the price history, the product itself and if Black Friday discounts are real.

Reviews highlight the flaws in a product, identify fake deals immediately, and provide a historical preview of the price of products over the year. Usually web stores provide a star ranking followed by a full review from the shopper once they have received the product.


It is essential to research before you jump on to the Black Friday bandwagon for 2020. Buyers have to understand that with the massive popularity of the holiday shopping weekend, retailers have also sharpened up to ensure they get rid of all their inventory, even the ones that didn’t go throughout the year.

Being vigilant about prices through proper research online will allow you to identify fake and real Black Friday discounts almost immediately.